Vaginal Dryness

The need for bodily intimacy between opposite sex is endowed by nature to keep race in the world. Spice up your sex life with warming or cooling lubricants, like Tracey Cox Supersex Orgasm Gel , (100ml, £6.99) which contains menthol and arginine to enhance sensation for your clitoris and labia, or Durex Play Warming Intimate Lubricant (£4.99, 50ml).

This is not the case when you use oil-based lubricants. Water-based lubes are usually stickier and tend to have more additives. Because moisturizers maintain vaginal moisture and acidity, they are particularly appropriate for midlife women who are bothered by symptoms of vaginal dryness (such as irritation and burning) that are not limited to sexual activity.

Menopause-related vaginal dryness often leads to pain with penetration and during deep intercourse, and can be associated with arousal difficulties as well. YES water-based is the only certified organic, natural and hormone-free vaginal moisturiser, in the world.

Now that you know all about what's in the lube and how it can affect your body, it's time to consider the different types of lube. The best personal lubricant for maintaining normal vaginal acidity has a pH close to 4.5 (the vagina has a pH of 3.8-4.5). However, there is a distinction between lubricants and moisturizers, and notable differences between commercially available products.

The water based lubes and the silicone based lubricants are known to be friendly with latex condoms. The liquid is not greasy and non-sticky, and is suitable for use with condoms - some lubes are not - and also with a variety of sex toys. It matches what's going on naturally in your body—and in his—so you don't have to worry, and instead, just have sex.

Pros: Safe with latex condoms, stay on underwater, odorless and tasteless, last three times as long as water-based lubricants. But most drug store chains and mom-and-pop pharmacies carry the water-based lubricants K-Y jelly and AstroGlide. Spread a large amount of water-based lubricating gel around and in your vagina before vaginal penetration.

A wide variety of lubricants are commercially available, either as water-based, silicone-based, or oil-based products. Two other caveats: Oil-based lubricants can degrade latex and should never be used with latex condoms. A. There are many over-the-counter vaginal lubricants on the market including Astroglide, K-Y, Lubrin, Maxilube, Replens and Surgel.

In addition to reducing the friction that is fundamental to sexual intercourse, whether vaginal or anal, lubricants heighten the sensuality of the act and may even help men with minor erectile problems to achieve harder and longer-lasting erections than would be possible without the lube.

Approximately 80% of women will experience vaginal dryness due to hormonal changes. If you're relying solely on stimulating yourself with your hands, you may opt for a water based liquid lube like ASTROGLIDE Liquid This lube is also safe to use with toys of any type.

It has been shown in scientific studies that parabens are absorbed into your body through your skin, so the more you use products with parabens, the more they build up in your body. Another thing to consider is that oil-based lubes can website also be hard to clean off of toys and skin, so be prepared to do some extra clean-up afterward.

Plus, both men and women can react badly to certain chemicals, like glycerin and paraben, so opt for chemical-free or organic lubes to be safe. Plus, since it causes minimal irritation for her and can be used with condoms, a watery lube can allow for an easy transition between foreplay and sex.

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